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Tantric Massage Manchester

Wondering what “tantric” massage is? The word “Tantra” is derived from the Sanskrit languge and it is all about controlling one’s potent sexual energy. Over the time, it has been a great tool for self-enhancement and ailing one’s spiritual journey. This won’t be an ordinary, conventional therapy. Pure Tantric Massage Manchester is a lot more than others.

Express Tantric Massage      (45 min: £120)

Are you in a hurry, but you want to have the touch of one of our Goddesses? No problem , we have launched Express Tantric especially for you. Here at Pure Tantric Manchester, we try our best to fulfil your wishes and make you happy! You will be having an amazing journey , an erotic and sensual tantric massage, in a very nice atmosphere and luxurious location. Experience the true Pure Tantric Massage in Manchester, a secret tantra method passed down through many generations. Our Pure Tantric is a sensual massage that culminates in a burst of energy, followed by exquisite relief of the body and mind. A beautiful sensuous ritual that has many physical and mental benefits, our Pure specialist tantric masseuses will welcome you into a secret sanctuary of peace, surrounded by candles and calming music. Experience the original ancient erotic tantric massage and release your stresses into our warm oils on your skin.


Sensual Body-to-Body Tantric Massage      (1 hour: £150)

Breathe in the rich aroma of the pure natural oil as she massages it into every pore of your skin. Explore the sensations that ripple right to the very core of your body and allow yourself to enter a realm of deep relaxation. Just relax and indulge in this profoundly exotic full body massage, which you so richly deserve, with a glass of champagne . Your Masseuse will lure you to surrender to a state of euphoria and complete relaxation by massaging your body with passion , grace and art. With a powerful mixture of rhythmic body to body massage moves , you’re Puresse (masseuse) will take you on a journey of pure and absolute bliss ,ending with an explosion of full euphoria and delight. The massage will end up with a nice hot and soapy shower with your masseuse on request.


Wet and Wild Aqua Tantric Massage      (up to 75 min: £200)

Pure Wet & Wild Aqua Tantric Massage is designed to fulfil all of your fantasies in pure and unashamed indulgence. From the moment your beautiful masseuse enter your room you will know you have made the right choice. She is there to ensure that the next hour or more will be the best you have ever had, washing away all the stresses of daily life and providing you with an unforgettable soapy, wet and wild massage. Pure Wet and Wild Aqua Tantric Massage begins with an intimate, sensual bathing experience. Your naked masseuse will invite you in the bath, ensuring you are completely relaxed and she will wash up and massage down your body giving a deliciously silky, smooth, soapy touches. This very intimate and erotic massage will include warm body massage; your masseuse will massage every part of your body with her nice and soft hands, creating an erotic wet and wild experience. This is our top of the range massage and is for those discerning men and women seeking pleasures in life that until now have been out of reach. Immerse yourself in your fantasies and treat yourself to an unforgettable erotic Pure Wet and Wild Aqua Tantric  Massage. This is seventh heaven! The massage will end up with a nice hot and soapy shower with your masseuse on request.


The Ultimate Mutual Tantric Massage      (1 hour: £150)

Pure Mutual ; The Ultimate Mutual Tantric Massage is designed to fulfil all of your fantasies in pure and unashamed indulgence. Finally is here! The most wanted Tantric Massage has been introduced in our specially selected Tantric Massages. The art of pleasuring one’s partner has been discussed in great detail throughout this website. Combining these experiences can result in a geometric progression over each individual technique. Creating the proper space is essential to achieving the most perfect result: As with most other tantric techniques it’s best performed on a stable and firm surface. The room itself should be comfortably warm (when naked) and draft free. A few candles will serve nicely for the purpose of intimate illumination. A pre-programmed selection of inspirational mood music will help to complete the atmosphere. A bottle of quality massage oil should be within easy reach always. The ultimate experience: Those who seek a yet higher level of excitement and unique pleasure, may consider simultaneous lingam/yoni massage. The emotional sensation, as well as physical impact of this experience is nothing short of profound. The very idea and new found sensation, of fondling one another’s sense is quite indescribable. Begin to resume mutual massage. Each partner will vividly notice the other’s level of excitement. When the female senses the male’s impending climax, she may simply reduce stimulation to the lingam. Alternatively, she may allow the male reach his climax, with a possibility of timing the event with her own orgasm. The result will be more intense than anything the couple has ever experienced. Beautifully imagined. Exceptionally performed. The massage will end up with a nice hot and soapy shower with your masseuse on request.


Four Times Tantric Massage      (1 hour: £300)

Having just two hands sensually roaming across your body can be special enough but when you add two more it can feel electric. If you are partial to an intimate sensual session then you will love a four hands tantric massage at PURE TANTRIC MANCHESTER, it is quite simply the ultimate in erotic pampering. PURE TANTRIC MASSAGE MANCHESTER has only the very best and most experience of erotic masseuses and they are ready to give you a sensational blissful time. Imagine feeling four naughty hands working all over your torso. All you will have to do is lay back and watch as two topless nude masseuses get to work on all the knots and stressed parts of your body. They will work together in a combined way using sexy moves and swipes to make you feel deeply relaxed. Just spoil yourself and double your sensual massage pleasure with a foxy four hands massage. Choose two perfect masseuses from our gallery to massage and caress your body. Imagine this …two amazing, exquisite masseuses synchronizing their moves and timing, four hands in complete unison, massaging your body. A truly memorable experience which will make you feel vibrant and truly alive. The massage will end up with a nice hot and soapy shower with your masseuses on request.


Fetish Tantric  Massage       (1 hour: £160)

Succumb yourself to the Fetish Tantric Massage of your Pure Masseuse. Allow yourself to be dominated by an extremely beautiful, sophisticated and powerful female. Explore your submissive side in an executive, stylish and safe environment. Your Pure Mistress is strict, smart and sensuous. She loves to take absolute control and has a natural authority that will make you instantly obey her. She will tie, tease and titillate you mercilessly with this racy restrained massage. Silence is crucial. You may only speak when she commands. You must only address her as ‘Mistress,’ and you must worship her. Set your pulse racing with this fabulous and unique Fetish Tantric Massage at Pure Tantric Massage Manchester . Make life extraordinary and step away from the ordinary. Enter the realm of fabulous Foot Action with the Pure Tantric Fetish Massage . Your personal Pure masseuse will gently rub and massage your entire torso purely using her pretty pedicured feet. As she glides the instep of her feet along your body with pure natural Pure Massage oil, allow yourself to caress and adore her fresh, smooth tootsies. Your Pure Goddess will be thrilled to have her fine feet admired. Simply relax and allow your entire body to be coaxed to complete relaxation with the ultimate Fetish Massage in Manchester. The massage will end up with a nice hot and soapy shower with your masseuse.


Pure 4 TWO Couple Tantric Massage      (1 hour: £300)

Many of you may have heard of the growing trend of PURE 4 TWO Couples Tantric Massage Manchester recently. It is a way not only to reignite the passion in your relationship, but also to reconnect you with your partner. If used correctly it is a valuable and useful tool that offers a whole range of relationship, sexual and mental benefits. Take the ancient path of tantric discovery together as partners with an erotic and sensual couples massage done by a specialist masseuse. Connect as one in the physical and mental bliss of tantric to explore your partner’s desire. Once you free your mind and body, you will feel a connection between you and your partner, that has no shame or embarrassment involved. The true essence of tantric massage is to create a flow of sexual energy between one another and is definitely a mechanically or dirty sex session. Is considered as being a sexual therapy for both partners. The massage will end up with a nice hot and soapy shower with your masseuse on request.


Yoni Tantric Massage     EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR FEMALE CLIENTS (1 hour: £150)

It’s natural to feel nervous before your first PURE Yoni  tantric massage but be assured your PURE TANTRIC masseuse will relax you thoroughly, helping you to forget the worries of your busy life. Regardless of your size, shape, age, nationality or ethnicity, our highly-qualified masseuses are experts at making you feel good about your body, tending to your needs in a caring, and arousing way. Your masseuse will provide a truly personalized service, tailored precisely to your own preferences and desires. Your masseuse starts by synchronizing your breathing with hers as the massage begins. She will guide you to lie on your front, ready to enjoy the experience to come. You will be caressed with warm, soft, velvety massage oil, heightening your sexual senses. Starting with your feet and working up your legs, buttocks, back and neck, every inch of your body will be stimulated. Your masseuse’s hands will never break contact with your skin for the duration of the massage. You turn over and now your hands, arms, abdomen, and torso are caressed, paying the special attention to your breasts and nipples if you like it. The masseuse then moves down to your body, slowly, with rhythm, sensual moves, gliding over your “bloom” and down to your toes. Moving to your inner thighs, the sensual energy will build up as she approaches your Yoni. Then you can choose whether to continue with full Yoni Tantric Massage  or just relax. At Pure Tantric Massage Manchester the choice is yours. The massage will end up with a nice hot and soapy shower with your masseuse on request.


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